Oh You Dreamer
Industrialized (2012)

Down below the intersecting ramps,
The overlapping highways
The city grid glitters and whirs like a giant processor
As the sun washes the sky cinnamon
We squint our automatic eyes
Shift into overdrive
Roll the windows down
Enjoy the speed
The fresh wind stings our eyes
The day is done
We are
Trapped inside power-lines
Electricity in our veins, in our minds
Burnt-out like street-lights,
Solitude wired into our hearts
Striving for stacked skyscrapers
Strangers in boxes
At the end of the day
A temporal lapse in
Industrialized eternity
Tomorrow it begins anew

Always (2007)

I’m a scattered silhouette of digital detachment
A surrealist’s whim; a carelessly painted picture
Through the eyes of a mechanical artist
A canvas splattered with subtlety
Magnetized to the idiocy of romance
Fashioned to fit every stereotype
Duplicated couture of yesterday’s mediocrity
And never quite as simple
An unwritten manuscript of cynical musings
The kind in stylized print scrawled on sides of
Trains with no destinations
Fading skylines and intoxicating intensity
Cutting up the dark velvet ceiling
Inventing new constellations
Building windows in that untouchable stretch of black
Littered with possibilities that our light pollution obscures
Drowning in wishing wells, frozen-over, far away
Sharply exhaling cold
Turn our snowglobe world upside down
A sudden desire to disintegrate
To wrap dreams up in a tapestry and
Mail it to some place far away
Where they have no words for
Eyelashes coated with charcoal
Lips glazed with a sugary substance
It may as well be liquid mercury
Dripping from discarded photographs
An invitation to boarded-up theaters
Of hearts with trap doors to distract
Audiences who withhold their applause.

Who I Was (2005)

Improvise upon me.
Confine me to your viewpoint.
Build a blind, mouthless doll.
Tattoo my thoughts on the inside of my mind.
Undo me, disintegrate my imperfection.
Tell me who I am.

Show me what it’s like to see the world
With your eyes closed.
Fumble in the dark for deeper understanding.
The kind you find in a shot glass.
At the bottom of your desires.
Or in a collision of worlds[love].

Spill words from your fingertips.
Venomous envies | candy-coated | laced.
Remember [nothing].
Let’s break hearts [habits]
They’ll never do us any good.

Sculpt my[your] face to [my]your standard.
Align cheekbones to conform to my[your] measurements.
Find perfection under ribs in the emergency room.
Syringes hold miracles. Our Silicone nation.
Let’s skip false pretenses.
Tell me who I am not.

I hold in one hand a pen, in another a paintbrush.
They’re useless without inspiration.
I’ll see past all your pretty words in [3] languages.
I don’t want your catholic schoolgirl[boy] fairytale.
I prefer my own damaged reality.

I [may] give you reasons to hate me.
I [wont] give me reasons to hate you.
Stand there face.to.face with my apathy.
A sense of humor goes a long way.

I don’t sugarcoat, I don’t suck up.
If I don’t like you[something], I’ll tell you so.
It will hurt. Get over it.
Don’t hold me responsible.
I’m friendly. I give good advice.
Think twice before you [mis]judge.
I contradict myself.
Shock value. You know how it goes.

Disambiguation (2012)

In the chaotic midst of silence with
My heart clocking beats like a metronome
I stumble in
The trapdoor of
Tentative fingertips contouring
Firm facial planes
With quiet resolution
I paint your wonderland
A secret shade of blue as it
Like a clasp on a treasure chest
And then
The polygraph line
jumps, and I
Give myself away
If only for a second